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dr. Bianka Benedek
handwriting expert

– About the commission


The handwriting expert can be requested to make expert evidence by delegation or private commission from all over the country.

– About the commission

Obligation of official secrecy

The handwriting expert is fallen on obligation of official secrecy during the expert proceedings, which are done on the basis of delegation or commission. The obligation of official secrecy begins with the expert's request and it refers to all kinds of information, so to the facts and contents of the rejected delegation or commission and to all sorts of known other data as well.

– About the commission

Rules relating to ethical standards

The handwriting expert is obliged to respect the rules of the Code of Ethics according to the ethical standards of the judicial expert's work, based on Act CXIV/ 1995, section 26.a. The handwriting expert should keep the known information secret from unconcerned persons.

– Laws

Further laws


3/1986. (II.21.) IM rendelet Az igazságügyi szakértők díjazásáról


1998. évi XIX. törvény a Büntető eljárásról


31/2003 (VI.24.) IM.PM-BM együttes rendelet a bűnügyi költségek előlegzéséről


23 May 2005 (Act XLVII of 2005) on the judicial expert activities


23 May 2005 (Act XLVIII of 2005) on the delegation of the judicial expert in non-legal proceedings and on the modification of the Act III of 1952 on the Civil Procedure


31/2008 =VII.31.) IRM rendelet Az igazságügyi szakértői működésről


The Code of Ethics of the judicial expert activities


The rules of how to become a judicial exper

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