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dr. Bianka Benedek
handwriting expert

– About the inquiry

Preliminary expert inquiry

On the occasion of the preliminary expert inquiry the client is able to gather information in advance about whether the quality and quantity of the documents for the expert inquiry are adequate enough.
Beyond that he has the opportunity to decide whether he is willing to or rather it is possible at all to prove his presumed statement in the result of the preliminary inquiry. Accordingly the inquiry itself is objective-, and value oriented, not elaborated in its details, but its cost is significantly lower than the detailed expert inquiry.

– About the inquiry

Detailed expert inquiry

The client – might as well on the basis of a preliminary expert inquiry –, asks for conducting the entire expert inquiry and all the revealable circumstances can be determined. If possible, writing specimens should be taken down and then the samples of question should be analysed by instrumental and observation methods.

– Laws

Further laws


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31/2003 (VI.24.) IM.PM-BM együttes rendelet a bűnügyi költségek előlegzéséről


23 May 2005 (Act XLVII of 2005) on the judicial expert activities


23 May 2005 (Act XLVIII of 2005) on the delegation of the judicial expert in non-legal proceedings and on the modification of the Act III of 1952 on the Civil Procedure


31/2008 =VII.31.) IRM rendelet Az igazságügyi szakértői működésről


The Code of Ethics of the judicial expert activities


The rules of how to become a judicial exper

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